Ukraine to block access to Russia's social media websites

(AP) — In another round of sanctions in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday ordered the blocking of access to Russia’s most popular social media websites and search engines.

Poroshenko’s office on Tuesday published the decree that he signed on Monday, which freezes the assets and bans the operations of hundreds of Russian companies in Ukraine. The decree also calls for blocking access to dozens of Russia’s most popular websites, including the search engine Yandex, social media network VKontakte and the email provider All of them have a substantial audience in Ukraine.

All of the websites were accessible in Ukraine on Tuesday afternoon and it was not immediately clear when and how the Ukrainian government was going to enforce the ban. Unlike Russia, which has in the recent years adopted and enforced a plethora of legislation to crack down on independent websites and online media, Ukraine does not have laws and regulations in place that would allow such a ban.

Most of the internet and media companies banned by Ukraine are privately owned and have grown over the past decades from start-ups working out of a basement to major international businesses.

More than 11 million Ukrainians use the services of the search engine Yandex, a NASDAQ-traded company that posted $14.5 million in net profit in the first quarter of the year.

Source: AP Business
Source URL: Ukraine to block access to Russia’s social media websites

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